About a year ago, I started a new Android project. It’s called lrkFM and its original goal was to be a simple file manager for Android. I started the project together with @nsueper as part of a challenge:

He was to write a file manager using React Native and I would use Java. Then we would see who could reach the 1.0 milestone first.


Since then, I put a lot of work into it. lrkFM now has the following features:

Full filesystem access

The app can access every location on your phone’s filesystem that you have the permissions for. So if your phone is rooted, you should be able to see everything if you set the permissions right.

Of course the app can also handle file operations such as move (rename), copy, delete, creating a folder and sharing a file using Android’s built in sharing feature (which currently is a bit buggy).

Archive capabilities

lrkFM can extract almost every kind of archive file. The ones I tested include:

  • .zip
  • .rar (Only < v5)
  • .7z
  • .tar
  • .gz

Some archives can also just be browsed without being extracted. Furthermore, the app can also create archives, but only in the .zip format.


You can also create bookmarks in the sidebar of the app to save locations you often visit. To add one, just use the “create bookmark” button in the sidebar. To edit or delete bookmarks, you need to turn on “bookmark editing mode” in the settings.


It’s a little obvious, but the application itself is open source. That means you can just download the source code and build the application yourself. You can also file bugs on GitHub that I will then try to fix. Also, if you think you can help improving the app, feel free to submit a pull request on GitHub.


There are several ways you can install lrkFM on your Android device. You can either:

Have fun trying out lrkFM and have a nice day.

psst: lrkFM also should work on AndroidTV